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Hello! Thanks for visiting. By way of introduction,  Who We Are is a business development, strategic marketing and project management consultancy that prides itself on delivering personalised and professional service. At any point in time we can count all our active clients on one hand, and we think that’s a good thing. It means we know how they take their coffee, among other things.  What We Do is good work for good people. If you like the sound of this, you should Contact Us. We love to chat.

Who We Are

Dannika Patterson, Director.

Since early 2003, I have supported the launch of successful products, customer loyalty and marketing programs around the globe. I gained experience in international and domestic markets across the US, UK, Europe, South Africa, the Middle East and Asia-Pacific regions before relocating back to my hometown of Brisbane permanently in late 2009.

Enter Morningstar.

While Morningstar is currently a one woman show, I am lucky enough to have an awesome network of industry experts that I constantly consult with and refer to. Which is why the rest of this very succinct website is written in third person. You should also know I am also currently courting a certain industry hotshot, with plans to announce an exciting new partnership in the not too distant future… watch this space.

What We Do

  • Strategic Marketing
  • Business Development
  • PR/Social PR
  • Project Management
  • Media Planning
  • Copy Writing

To round out Morningstar’s service offering, we are tapped into a network of top notch independent professionals who excel in their chosen fields. Morningstar can provide, facilitate or refer directly (as is most appropriate) across a wider range of services such as:

  • Design
  • Production
  • Photography
  • Video
  • Search
  • Web Development

Morningstar do not mark-up services from third parties, we simply bill at an hourly rate for time spent coordinating purchases, bookings, quotes, etc, if we are asked to do so on a client’s behalf. Our business model is as simple and transparent as that.

Why We Rock

Benefits to the client operating under the Morningstar model include:

  • Affordability. Pay only for actively worked hours at a competitive market rate with no salary or retainer commitments.
  • Direct rates. From all third party suppliers. No agency commissions, no mark ups.
  • Time. Save yours and run multiple campaigns with a single point of contact.
  • Attitude. We’ll always be positive in our approach to doing business. We enjoy what we do and we work with good people, so this one’s a given.
  • Reach. A network of first rate suppliers across a range of services.
  • Scalability. Need marketing services for 50 hours one month and only 5 the next? Not a problem. Morningstar understands marketing requirements and budgets often have moving goal posts. You make the call monthly, with advance forecasts.
  • Control. No surprises. All third party quotes to be directly approved and settled by client. Morningstar fees can be forecast a month in advance with provisions for additional hours.


We would be delighted to provide case studies, testimonials or references from past and present clients, on request.

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write to dannika@morningstarconsultancy.com
call 0413 449 428
skype dannikarenee